Welcome to Beyond 3 Sigma

Beyond 3 Sigma is live!

What is B3Sig? It is a motto, one that i have adopted many years ago. Will I explain what it means? Yes, but not now. What will this blog cover…..

At least the following.

  1. My photography – This is my favorite personal hobby, it is how I want to see the World.
  2. My view on Urban Economics and Development – This is my professional interest, passion, and where I spend most of time researching, consulting, and teaching. (Note, for this blog, I find the term “real estate” wayyy too limiting to describe my interest).
  3. My advice to students and those looking to excel in this World – I find that this is where I will most likely have the greatest impact on the people of this planet. Might as well put thoughts on paper (digitally speaking)

What else?? What ever interests me at the moment and I feel you, the reader, would enjoy. Potential topics include travel, aviation, politics and policy, and football (Go Knights!) Have a question, just ask!


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