Toronto Part 3 – Take Me Out To The Ballgame

This is my last and final post regarding Toronto, and it has very little to with Toronto. Today, I’m talkin’ Baseball!

Yes, baseball is considered America’s Pastime and is most certainly one of the most iconic American sports there is. I grew up a baseball fan because my dad was a huge baseball fan (New York Met fan no less!). We bonded by going to many games together. When we traveled, we would always go to a game if it was feasible and when the Florida Marlins started playing (We lived in Miami at the time), we went to as many games as possible. So, baseball is the first sport I ever understood and appreciated.

It’s a very different sport from the rest of the spectator variety in that there is NO clock (why they can go on FOREVER) and a very orderly set of play. If you do not understand the sport, its strategies, challenges, and even historic customs you will not properly be able to appreciate it. This is sadly why baseball has been in decline in popularity in America, too long and complex. I have nothing against soccer, but I will always be a baseball fan (like if you agree!). But like many baseball fans, its very nostalgia based. I know I will forever link baseball to bonding with my dad at a young age, what can replace that! We still go to games together but it is no longer as practical. I hope when I have kids we will find a similar experience to bond over.

Oh, about the photos! To my surprise, I learned upon walking to my hotel that it was actually connected to the home of the Toronto Bluejays Rogers Center. The main photo is from the lobby restaurant and bar in the hotel. This was really cool because on my last evening, the Toronto Bluejays played game 5 in the American League Divisional Series and WON (okay, I didn’t really care about either team but fun to watch a home team win).

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20151013-Take me Out to the Ball Game Part 2

20151012-Take me Out to the Ball Game Part 1

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