Welcome to A Winter Wonderland

Does this look like a Winter Wonderland to you? If you grew up it Ft. Lauderdale it does! This is from the 2014 Ft. Lauderdale Winterfest Boat Parade. Today was the first day of cool weather in Central Florida for the upcoming Fall (yes, it was like 70 degrees this morning!!!) and that reminded me that winter is near. This photo reminded me that winter means many things to different people, why we must all travel the world.

On a second note, I would like to remind all those who live in “colder” climates that Florida still has great deals on real estate! Sell now!! We also have ZERO personal income taxes. Great weather, great taxes (err, don’t ask about property taxes), even people who get high on bath salts and eat faces (true story, I was in Germany when this occurred and of course multiple of my out-of-state friends decide to text me about people eating faces, talk about being out of the loop!). Yes, Florida gets made fun of a lot. After all its America’s only phallic shaped state (the only thing that one ups this is the architectural design of the Capitol building in Tallahassee, Google it!!) but it is still a great place to live.

Click to Enlarge

Winterfest Rolling

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