Joshua Harris, PhD


Does this look like a Winter Wonderland to you? If you grew up it Ft. Lauderdale it does! This is from the 2014 Ft. Lauderdale Winterfest Boat Parade. Today was the first day of cool weather in Central Florida for the upcoming Fall (yes, it was like 70 degrees this morning!!!) and that reminded me that winter is near. This photo reminded me that winter means many things to different people, why… Read More

Today, I am making this blog public. If you have not figured out already, this star of the blog is my photography (along with my views on urban economics, life, and whatever else I chose to write about). My goal of photography is to capture the World the way I want to see it. How is that? Full of life, color, drama, and iconic imagery.  The featured photo of this post captures… Read More