Proud to be a Knight!

Today, I am Proud to be a Knight! Okay, I am proud to be Knight everyday, but today I am especially Proud. Why you may ask? Is it the perfect season our UCF Knights Football team is having? NOPE! (BTW, perfect is much better as 4-0 instead of 0-4, but that is rant for another day!). It because today we revealed at the UCF Real Estate Council meeting that a forthcoming article in the Journal of Real Estate Literature will rank the UCF Dr. P. Phillips School of Real Estate as the 8th ranked real estate program in the World (7th in the US) based on research productivity (out of a total of 414 active real estate research institutions worldwide). YES, we are a TOP TEN program that outranks many powerhouse institutions including one a few hours north on I-75. What can I say, I love where I work and the impact we are making in the industry and community.

I am also going to take a moment to pay tribute to Mr. Jim Hinson who recently passed. Jim was the Chairman of the Dr. Phillips Charities, the organization that gave the naming gift to us to start the Dr. P. Phillips School of Real Estate, the Dr. P. Phillips Institute for Research and Education in Real Estate, and endow the Howard Phillips Eminent Scholar Chair in Real Estate. Their support along with the gifts of Jim Heistand  and the NAIOP Central Florida Chapter allow us to have two of the best researchers in world on our faculty, Dr. Geoffrey K. Turnbull and Dr. David M. Harrison (each individually ranked in the TOP TEN worldwide, I might add! And that is out of 883 active real estate scholars worldwide).

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2 Comments on “Proud to be a Knight!

  1. Wow! This is awesome. I just started the MSRE program this semester and it has already surpassed my expectations. Kudos to all the industry and academic professionals that have made this program what it is.


  2. What great news! After starting this semester this reconfirms I’m in the right place doing my MSRE. Looking forward to learning from all these great people.


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