The City of Light

Ah Paris, the international destination I had most wanted to visit since elementary school (this was due to my favorite teacher being French born and thus talked about it a lot!). This photo is of the iconic Eiffel Tower built in 1889 for the World’s Fair. Many residents and intellectuals of the time found it ugly and wanted it torn down. Yes NIMBYism (that’s Not In My Back Yard – ism) was alive back in the 19th Century! I wonder how many Parisians would like it torn down today? This serves as a reminder that what is considered bold, radical, crazy, ugly, or whatever else one may decry as “bad” initally, may become iconic, important, beautiful, inspiring, etc. tomorrow. If you have a good idea stick with it, regardless of how people react! It’s a long term game! #SummerofEurope

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20150608-Paris Shining

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