Toronto Part 1 – Iconic Views

I just returned from Toronto and will be making a series of blog posts to share some amazing images I was able to capture during my short visit. This picture captures the CN Tower, the most recognizable part of the Toronto Skyline  and one of the tallest structures in the World (apparently, there is a big debate as to where this thing ranks terms of height, just go to wikipedia for yourself, its too boring for me to discuss here!).

So, my impressions on Toronto. First, it was a very clean, safe, and fairly beautiful city. It lived up to reputation and expectations. The most interesting observation from an urban economic standpoint is its vast networks of tunnels and skywalks connecting many buildings in the downtown core. This system, known as PATH, is absolutely critical for the city to function during this unique weather occurrence known as Winter (this is a fascinating topic to a Native Floridian). Besides providing basic shelter from harsh conditions, it also creates automatic walk-ability and inter-connectivity for the city (it of course connects to the city’s trains, subways, and streetcars). It must be working because the city is booming! There were cranes everywhere and many buildings in the skyline looked fairly new.

What to know an interesting stat on the City of Toronto? Over HALF of its residents were born OUTSIDE of Canada! Yes, this is one of the most Globally diverse cities in the World. I learned this while listening to a presentation by the Mayor of Toronto (the newly elected guy, not crack smoking former Mayor, which I was actually hoping was going to speaking to our group #disappointed #onlyincanada); yes, Toronto maybe that model UN/Star Wars bar scene city some decry as Utopia (aka, people not voting for Trump). All I’ll say is that it seems to work quite well and is generating tons of economic opportunity.

I could go on a long rant about how immigration is THE BEST THING EVER FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH (legal that is), but I’ll leave that for another day. Maybe the day when I explain why my last name is Harris (it’s a cool story). For now, more photos of Toronto (note, best are being saved for separate posts later this week so check back soon).

Click to Enlarge

20151012-Iconic Toronto

20151012-Lovely Lake Ontario

20151012-New Toronto

20151012-View from the CN

20151012-Fall in Toronto

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