Visit Orlando

Thinking of getting away soon? Why not Visit Orlando!!! Yes, Orlando is where I reside so this advice for you, not me. If you choose to come to the City Beautiful you will probably be helping to make history. What do I mean? Well, Orlando was the #1 travel destination in the United States  in 2014 and I think we will surpass that record in 2015. And for you sport fans, we beat out New York City for the top spot! Yes, tourism is currently a major growth are of our economy and that is excellent. Tourism is an EXPORT activity, and a really fun one at that. With non-stop service to Dubai you can one stop to Orlando from almost any major city in the world. Soon, we may even have direct flights from China!

Wondering where to stay? Well this photo was taken at the Loews Portofino Bay at the Universal Orlando Resort. It’s just one option, but quite a photogenic one!

Click To Enlarge

20151023-Evening At the Portofino

20151023-Portofino Sunset

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