Pray for Paris

Let me just start by saying that this one blog post I had not planned on writing. But given recent events, I felt this is the only one I could write. Paris is a beautiful city filled with amazing people. To be subject to such an act of terror is as unthinkable as can be in this modern world.

Sadly they are not alone as the people of Lebanon or Russia can tell you. What are my thoughts on this? Well, here goes in no particular order:

  1. When someone tells you who they are, believe them. Yes, this did not happen without warning, ISIS is pretty active at letting the world know their intent. It’s time to react accordingly.
  2. Terror is about shock and awe, meaning they want us to react with fear and retreat. The best victory is moving on with a happy, undeterred life. Thus, please book a trip and visit Paris (it’s well worth it!!!)
  3. Overall, despite the horrors of what recently happened, the world is actually a relatively peaceful place compared to history. This statement offers zero comfort to victims and their families of any sort of violence, let alone a terrorist attack, but it is nonetheless true. ISIS wants us to think the world is on fire and they are winning; in fact, they are the small minority and are in fact relatively weak in this world. (Note, I’d prefer they stay this way, so lets use all means of force necessary to do so!!!).

That’s it. I offer this image of Paris as a beautiful daytime paradise because this is how I will always think of it. I cannot wait to visit again!

Click to Enlarge

20150607-River Romance

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