Peace and Remembrance

In March of 2015, I visited the 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center site in NYC. I had not visited the area for many years, and it was not what I expected. The area felt more “touristy” than a place of tragedy. Still, there was no way to miss the magnitude of the location. I captured this photo of a single white rose set on the names of victims with the World Financial Center (now called Brookfield Place). I do not know anything more about this rose other than it was left alone and purposely placed. It did not move despite windy conditions. I would say it was the perfect symbol of peace and remembrance.

As today is the anniversary of 9/11, I wanted to post the photo. Today, the footprints of the former towers are memorials and new World Trade Center tower stands completed, occupied, and open to the world. It is a testimony to the resilience of America, our capacity to recover and rebuild is amazing. Equally important, our dedication to not forgetting the past and those who lost their lives. I am proud to be an American.

I wish I could find a photo I took as kid from the Observation Deck of the former towers back in the ’90s, I loved the towers and visited multiple times. I hope to photograph Manhattan from the new observation deck soon!


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