Victory in the Windy City

Congrats to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series! I’m not a big Cubs fan, but they are one of my few favorite MLB team I will root for since my father and I went to many games at Wrigley Field when I was younger. Now for what this post is really about, photographing Chicago.

The main photo and this one below,

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represent a personal Victory in the Windy City. In the past year and half, I have visited Chicago three times for short business purposes. On this last trip a few weeks ago, I finally manged to capture the Chicago skyline! This was a personal victory for me. Chicago has an amazing skyline and great architectural significance; so naturally, I wanted to capture it in photograph. My luck turned with the acquisition of some new gear (a small but sturdy Manfrotto table top tripod and remote release for my camera), and for the fortune of having such equipment with me at Navy Pier.

For those who are photographers, you probably realize the need for long exposures to accomplish the images presented herein. That normally requires a big tripod, which is less than fun when traveling, especially if staying short and traveling light. So here is to compact Sony mirrorless cameras (a6000 to be exact with a SEL 16-70 Zeiss lens afixed), small tripods, and cool accessories from Peak Design (specifically the Slide, Capture, Field Pouch, and Everyday Messenger). Being able to get good long exposure without the big tripod is a huge Victory for me!

This blog is about capturing the world the way I want, that means I need to get the photo! If you are out to capture the world they way you want to see it, keep trying until you nail it!


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