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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Today, I am making this blog public. If you have not figured out already, this star of the blog is my photography (along with my views on urban economics, life, and whatever else I chose to write about). My goal of photography is to capture the World the way I want to see it. How is that? Full of life, color, drama, and iconic imagery.  The featured photo of this post captures… Read More

Moving to Orlando was one of the best decisions I ever made. I moved here in 2001 to attend the University of Central Florida and have never been able to leave. Why? Good opportunities kept me from leaving. There is something magical about this city (no, it’s not Disney but that is cool too). I feel my life would not be as complete without the help of Orlando. People move here from… Read More

Today is September 12th, 2015! That means it’s just about a week until my one-year wedding anniversary (9/20/14), and thus, I am in a Winter Park State of Mind. We were married at the newly constructed Alfond Inn in Winter Park, Florida. The Alfond is worth discussing for several reasons. First, it is where I asked my now wife, Melissa, to marry me exactly one year from the day we got married…. Read More

Beyond 3 Sigma is live! What is B3Sig? It is a motto, one that i have adopted many years ago. Will I explain what it means? Yes, but not now. What will this blog cover…..