#PrayForOrlando, this Strong Proud Community!

Imagine this scenario, you go into the office on a Saturday. On the way to your normal parking spot, you are rerouted by a police officer informing you that the road right in front of your normal parking is closed for an upcoming Trump presidential rally. What would you do? Well if your me, you grab your camera and go (sadly, “professional interchangeable lens cameras” were not allowed inside, so you only… Read More

Is it Knighttime Yet in Downtown Orlando? Today, March 2nd, 2016, the Florida Board of Governors approved UCF’s plan to build a major campus in the heart of Downtown Orlando within the upcoming Creative Village project. This announcement comes one day after the Dr. Phillips Charities announced a very generous $3 million dollar gift supporting its development; this has brought private commitments up to over $16 million to date. The goal for… Read More

FACT: The world is getting better and better, yet we think it is falling apart! That statement above is a conclusion I often state when giving a presentation on behalf of the University of Central Florida in front of an audience of real estate practitioners and other business professionals and community leaders. What precedes it is an analysis of paraphrased headlines in from the media. These headlines, like much of the daily discussion… Read More

Greetings all! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

As I am sure none of you noticed, there was almost a full month between blog posts of November and December. Again, as I am almost positive you did not wonder why, I will tell anyway. I was in the process of closing and moving into my wife and I’s first house together and thus other priorities took over. We are now more or less “moved in” and I feel it’s time… Read More

First, let me say that this was a post I have been meaning to do awhile ago with the title “Pray for Detroit”. Then as I am sure you all aware, ISIS attacked Paris (subject of as post) and #PrayforParis became viral. So, I made the decision to hold off for awhile. I should point out that prayers for Detroit (explained below), are not meant to take anything away from the tragedies… Read More

Let me just start by saying that this one blog post I had not planned on writing. But given recent events, I felt this is the only one I could write. Paris is a beautiful city filled with amazing people. To be subject to such an act of terror is as unthinkable as can be in this modern world.

Thinking of getting away soon? Why not Visit Orlando!!! Yes, Orlando is where I reside so this advice for you, not me. If you choose to come to the City Beautiful you will probably be helping to make history. What do I mean? Well, Orlando was the #1 travel destination in the United States  in 2014 and I think we will surpass that record in 2015. And for you sport fans, we… Read More

I took this photo during an early morning market tour of Harmony Florida located in just outside of Orlando in Osceola County. Sadly, I was not playing golf that, just doing market familiarization research. Harmony is an interesting town. It is far from the center of “town” (closest city is St. Cloud) but built using many elements of Traditional Neighborhood Design (mixed densities, close lot lines, back alleys for parking, parks built into… Read More